COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE IN ITALY is a communication-focused study abroad program with a transmedia storytelling approach.

Based in Cagli, Italy, under the sponsorship of Rome’s Sapienza University-CORIS (Department of Communication and Social Research), you’ll be immersed in the day-to-day life of Cagli, a medieval town in the center of the Marche region. You’ll be encouraged to move beyond the role of a casual tourist to develop a better understanding of the true heart of Italian life – the people.

Through a curriculum that uses a transmedia/multimedia approach, students tell the stories of the Cagliese people through words and images that come together in both an online and in-print magazine.

The curriculum comprises coursework in intercultural communications, photography, writing and storytelling, video, social media, website development and conversational Italian.

In addition to your coursework, you’ll engage with the local community through daily life, whether enjoying an aperitivo in the piazza, shopping at the weekly market, or simply relaxing by the riverside. You’ll have opportunities to observe and occasionally participate in traditional cultural and religious festivals, join in a pick-up soccer match or bocce ball tournament, or attend a performance in the historic theatre.

The faculty comprises experienced educators who are leaders in their field, including former and current journalists and photojournalists, language instructors and other communications professionals. We have over 20 years’ experience leading study abroad programs, including Cagli since 2003.

The Communication and Culture Program in Cagli is a 24-day, 5-credit summer program kicking off at Sapienza University in Rome, where you’ll begin a rich, cultural journey that will ultimately leave you with a deeper appreciation and broader understanding of the world around you and the roles communication and culture play.